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Criminal defense attorney
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Being accused of a crime can have very serious consequences on a person’s life: a criminal conviction can leave a stain in your record, reduce your chances of getting a job, and let’s not forget that doing jail time, however short it may be, is not an experience anyone wants to have.

If you are facing criminal charges, you should find a defense lawyer in Oklahoma as soon as possible. Having legal representation will help you defend your innocence, avoid charges and a criminal record. Even if you are found guilty, a good criminal lawyer will also help reduce your sentence and minimize the stain on your file.

The justice system

In Oklahoma, the justice system divides crimes into felonies and misdemeanors. The definition of both is simple but a bit confusing: A felony is a crime (drugs trafficking or violent crimes, for example) which merits a state jail sentence, while a misdemeanor is any crime that is not a felony – white collar crimes tend to fall in this category. Different types of cases will be tried differently, and call for a specific line of defense – for instance, cases involving minors are tried in a particular way.

Being found guilty of a felony goes well beyond fines and jail time – a felony in your file can prevent you from applying to many types of jobs and professions, as well as limiting your options for getting a home. You may not work for the state or run for any public office, vote or drive, and you could lose your right to bear arms.

A misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of one year in the county jail, and does not affect your file so much. In many cases, defense attorneys strive to get criminal charges reduced to a misdemeanor.

How to choose a criminal defense attorney?

There are many good criminal lawyers in Oklahoma. Be sure to work with someone who has all the certifications required, and who also has experience in the right practice area, in this case criminal defense. Lawyers who work in civil cases have a very different experience and are not ideal to support you in a criminal case.

Look for lawyers who have the support of an experienced law firm, and who can speak your language: good communication is essential to carry out a good defense. Your lawyer should be familiar with the state courts already, so they can guide you with confidence. If you need a lawyer in Oklahoma city, find someone who has already represented clients in the metro area.

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What do I do if I am charged with a crime?

If you are charged with a crime, immediately request legal assistance, and do not talk to anyone until you have your defense attorneys by your side. They will guide you with regard to the criminal charges of which you are accused, and will help you plan your criminal defense to manage the consequences of your arrest.