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A good
divorce attorney
can save you time and money

Sometimes life puts us in a position where there is nothing left to do than to file for divorce. As much as it is a divorce by mutual agreement, negotiations may become difficult when there is talk of custody, child support, or alimony, or complications such as domestic violence. 

Divorce and family law is fair, but complicated, and it is almost essential to hire a lawyer to make sure the results are what you want.

Why hire a lawyer?

In Oklahoma, a lawyer is not required to request a divorce from the court. However, it is advisable to seek legal counsel in almost any type of divorce.

Even the most friendly divorce case is a complicated process with many requirements and forms. The simplest case is the express divorce, in which both parties agree to divorce and have agreed to the division of property and visitation regime of the children between them. The basic requirements involve presenting a series of documents and certifications, and filling out a form. If you decide not to seek legal services, you may have to do this over several times due to small errors or omissions that could have been avoided by a family lawyer.

How to choose a divorce attorney

A divorce is an emotional and complicated process, not to mention that it carries great weight from a financial point of view. Add to this the custody of your children, and it’s easy to see why you need the best family law attorney you can afford.


First of all, seek a lawyer with experience in family law: it won’t matter how good they are with personal injury, cases or criminal defense if they have no family law experience. 

That said, the reputation of a family law firm is not all that you should consider when choosing representation for your divorce. Meet in person with the lawyers you are considering, and make sure that you build a good relationship and that they clearly explain what they plan to do. It won help to hire someone who specializes in family law, but who never answers your calls and does not keep you updated with the status of your case. 

If you require representation to face a divorce lawsuit, our law offices in Oklahoma city are specialized in all areas of family law. Let us help you save time and money and handle child custody and other important aspects with our experience in family law cases.